MODIStsp is a “R” package devoted to automatizing the creation of time series of raster images derived from MODIS Land Products data.

MODIStsp allows to perform several preprocessing steps (e.g., download, mosaicing, reprojection, resize, data extraction) on MODIS data available within a given time period. Users have the ability to select which specific layers of the original MODIS HDF files they want to process. They also can select which additional Quality Indicators should be extracted from the aggregated MODIS Quality Assurance layers and, in the case of Surface Reflectance products, which Spectral Indexes should be computed from the original reflectance bands.

All processing parameters can be easily selected with a powerful and user-friendly GUI, although non-interactive execution exploiting a previously created Options File is possible. Stand-alone execution outside an “R” environment is also possible, allowing to use scheduled execution of MODIStsp to automatically update time series related to a MODIS product and extent whenever a new image is available.

For each output layer, outputs are saved as single-band raster files corresponding to each available acquisition date. Virtual files allowing access to the entire time series as a single file can be also created.

The package is developed and maintained by L.Busetto and L.Ranghetti, from the Institute of Remote Sensing of Environment - National Research Council - Italy (CNR-IREA)

Getting Started

  • To install MODIStsp, please follow instructions reported here, both for , and

  • MODIStsp can be used either in interactive mode exploiting its user-friendly GUI, or in non-interactive mode from within R scripts

  • The list of currently supported MODIS products and versions can be found here

  • Scheduled Processing allows automatic updating of MODIS time series through scheduled jobs, both on and

  • Solutions to common installation, data download and processing problems can be found in our faq

  • Please report any issues you may encounter in our issues page on github .

What’s New

  • 11/08/2017 - MODIStp 1.3.3 was released today. It provides improvements in processing speed, as well as the usual bug fixes. See our news page for a detailed changelog. We thank to all the users that signalled problems for their feedback for imporoving the package!


To cite MODIStsp in publications, please use:

L. Busetto, L. Ranghetti (2016) MODIStsp: An R package for automatic preprocessing of MODIS Land Products time series, Computers & Geosciences, Volume 97, Pages 40-48, ISSN 0098-3004,, URL:

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