Standalone execution

  • MODIStsp can be also executed as a “standalone” application(i.e., without having to open R/RStudio) ; to do it, from R launch the function MODIStsp_install_launcher().

In a Linux operating system this function creates a desktop entry (accessible from the menu in the sections “Science” and “Geography”) and a symbolic link in a known path (default: /usr/bin/MODIStsp). In Windows, a link in the Start Menu and optionally a desktop shortcut are created. See ?install_MODIStsp_launcher for details and path customization.

Double-clicking those files or launching them from a shell without parameters will launch MODIStsp in interactive mode. Non-interactive mode is triggered by adding the “-g” argument to the call, and specifying the path to a valid Options File as “-s” argument:

  • Linux: MODIStsp -g -s "/yourpath/youroptions.RData" (see MODIStsp -h for details).

  • Windows:your_r_library\MODIStsp\ExtData\Launcher\MODIStsp.bat -g -s "yourpath/youroptions.RData" (see C:\Users\you\Desktop\MODIStsp -h for details).

If you do not want to install any link, launchers can be found in the subdirectory “MODIStsp/ExtData/Launcher” of your library path.

Scheduled Processing

Standalone non-interactive execution can be used to periodically and automatically update the time series of a selected product over a given study area. To do that, you should simply:

  1. Open the MODIStsp GUI, define the parameters of the processing specifying a date in the future as the “Ending Date” and save the processing options. Then quit the program.

  2. Schedule non-interactive execution of the launcher installed as seen before (or located in the subdirectory “MODIStsp/ExtData/Launcher” of your library path) as windows scheduled task (or linux “cron” job) according to a specified time schedule, specifying the path of a previously saved Options file as additional argument:

On Linux

  • edit your crontab by opening a terminal and type:
  crontab -e
  • add an entry for the launcher. For example, if you have installed it in /usr/bin and you want to run the tool every day at 23.00, add the following row:
  0 23 * * * /bin/bash /usr/bin/MODIStsp -g -s "/yourpath/youroptions.RData"

On Windows

  • create a Task following these instructions; add the path of the MODIStsp.bat launcher as Action (point 6), and specifying -g -s "X:/yourpath/youroptions.RData" as argument.