To contribute to sprawl please follow these guidelines (most of this was blatantly copied from

Reporting a bug or suggesting a new feature: submit an Issue

If you wish to submit a bug report concerning sprawl functionality or suggest a new feature, please open a new issue at

Please use an informative title and, in the case of a bug report, shortly explain the problem, providing if possible a minimum reproducible example illustrating it (see for hints on this).

Contributing code: make a pull request

If you wish to contribute code, please make a Pull Request (PR) on following this guidelines. Note that it is advisable to discuss significant contributions beforehand by opening an issue at to avoid wasting your time on features that we are not considering to implement.

Requirements for making a PR:

  • Some knowledge of git
  • Some knowledge of GitHub

Read more about pull requests on GitHub at

PR instructions

  1. Fork the sprawl repo to your GitHub account and clone it on your machine (e.g., git clone;

  2. Make sure to track progress upstream (i.e., on our version of the package at lbusett/sprawl) by doing git remote add upstream Each time you go to make changes on your machine, be sure to pull changes in from upstream (aka the ropensci version) by doing either git fetch upstream then merge later or git pull upstream to fetch and merge in one step;

  3. Create a new branch with a significant name and make your changes there. While making your changes, Please follow the recommended sprawl Coding Style

  4. Ideally include in your contributions:
    • Well documented code in roxygen docs
    • If you add new functions or change functionality, add one or more tests.
  5. When you are finished, push the new branch to your github account;

  6. Submit a pull request to lbusett/sprawl. In the comments section of the PR, describe in some detail the changes and their reasons and/or the new functions/functionalities introduced.